We want to take you on a tour of our community.


On the left is a griffin: the Kerch city symbol.


On the right, we are in front of the post office in Lenin Square. See the golden griffin perched behind us?


We live in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.During Soviet times, Crimea was given as a gift to Ukraine, so though we are on a peninsula connected by only a narrow isthmus, we are under the guidance and protection of Ukraine.


Catherine the Great considered Crimea to be the jewel in the royal crown.The tropical beaches & mountains in the south & western regions are what used to be called the Soviet Riviera.

The city of Kerch is isolated on the easternmost tip of the Crimean Peninsula.


Kerch is pronounced

Kee-yairch.The city was formerly a Soviet military community & was closed to outsiders until into the 1990ís.


It is among the oldest cities in the region & has many archeological treasures.



Our home is in a port community with the Black Sea to the east & south & the Sea of Asov to the north.


Across a narrow strait, just a few kilometers away, we can see Russia.


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