·         Saturday, 28 June 2008

Pride on the Plaza…

Part of our Saturday includes the annual Pride on the Plaza Parade.  Gay, Bi, and Lesbians spend the last week in June celebrating.  Events culminate with a parade.  People watching at this event is great fun.


Miss Zia, Mark and I park ourselves across from the judging stand and make friends with people around us.  I blow soap bubble and Miss Zia stands watching, tail wagging, waiting.  When the Dykes on Bikes roar past, our usually tranquil dog joins the cheering crowd.  Her unusual voice attracts attention, and despite the roar of the bike, people turn to stare at Miss Zia and her enthusiastic, but puzzling communications.


We leave the festivities behind and head home to prepare for houseguests.


Tomorrow is the last day for the annual rodeo events.  I wonder how many cowboys found their way to the Pride on the Plaza events!


·         Friday, 27 June 2008

I love that at the local grocery store I can see real working cowboys in tight jeans, dusty, pointy-toed boots complete with spurs.


You DON’T see them at Trader Joes!


There are two sides to Santa Fe.  I hate to generalize, but I will.  One crowd has money, the other doesn’t.  It is more evident during tourist season of course.


Many people come to Santa Fe for the art galleries, delightful eating places, the opera, and other such draws. 


I like to see the real people, I love the weather and the morning walks in the wilderness when the sun just peeks over the mountains and the turtle doves sing to me…that is the part of Santa Fe that holds my interest.


·         Thursday, 26 June 2008

I am at work, but decided to take a break and share the article below - I did not write it. 


The article is about passion, living intentionally and with integrity.  If I were keeping up with my journaling (one of my passions) I would be posting this online along with a thoughtful commentary on this same topic.  Unfortunately, I seem to be letting life harness me, rather than vice-versa.  Work and outside demands leave little to no time/energy for personal joys and pleasures much less any household responsibilities..


Life is good - especially when you live it on purpose!  8-)

Feature Article: Fueling the fires of passion and tapping into the Law of Attraction
It's been said that one's life purpose is the intersection between one's passions and the needs of the world.

In Feng Shui, passion is represented by the Fame & Reputation area and directly across the Bagua is the Career & Life Purpose area - which means they are intimately connected. There is no separating passion and purpose.

Passions are the things you love to do in your life, regardless of whether you actually have done them yet or not. Passion is where your eyes light up, your spirit is raised and you are so excited you can barely stand it - or if you're a more subdued person you get a little pixie grin on your face whenever you think about it, or talk about it!

Passion fuels the fires of inspiration and makes the heart and mind open to possibilities all around you.

In short, to live a purposeful life, it's important to know what you're passionate about.

It's exciting, and it can also be scary. You're delving into the deepest most vulnerable parts of yourself.

If you're ready to dig deep, take some quiet time to ask yourself: what do I love doing, what do I gravitate towards, what do others acknowledge me for, what inspires me or lights my fire? Think about all areas of your life: your work, your home, what environment would you like to live in, friends, community, family, your spirituality, health, creativity, travel, animals, love, learning......etc.

To guide you, first you need to know the difference between a passion and a goal: A passion is a way of being. A goal is an outcome. For example:

Passion: Living life abundantly.
Goal: To eliminate world poverty.
Passion: Being part of a strong community.
Goal: To move back to Timbuktu.

Now, take that quiet time and complete the following sentence:
When I'm living my perfect life I am…..

Make a list of 5-10 things, each starting with a verb. For example... living, being, enjoying, creating, riding….. etc.

Then, put them in order starting with the one you feel most passionate about. Create a list of your top five. It doesn't mean you can't have them all, but it works best to focus on 5.

Here are some strategies for using this new found knowledge.

1. Create a passion board. Create a collage of images and words that represent the essence of each of your passions. This is a powerful thing to do. Put it somewhere you'll see it often.

2. Write your 5 top passions on a number of 3 x 5 cards.

Start with the words "I'm so happy and grateful to be now living these passions" and then list your 5 passions. Underneath write "This or something better now manifests for the good of all concerned".

Place them strategically in your home and carry them with you.

3. Rate your passions: on a scale of 1-10 (one being almost nonexistent). To what extent is each of your passions showing up in your life?

In my 12 month program we're working with passions right now. And I'm looking at my own. When I rated mine, they were mostly 9's or 10's. Great, except my #3 passion was a 1. It's been on my list of passions for a few years, I've talked about it, my friends and family know it's important to me, but where is it?

Not surprisingly with a score of a 1, it's something I've put absolutely no energy into. When I look at my other passions, they're what I put energy into every day, so they rate high.

The one that's not showing up puts me out of integrity with myself. (Integrity is also related to the Fame & Reputation area). I had to do something fast.

I don't like to admit this, but the reason I hadn't put any energy into this one is because I didn't think it was possible. Duh! Exactly what trips most of my clients up from time to time - not knowing how something can happen so they give up on a dream.

Well, I changed all that fast! All I'll say right now is that when I took a few minutes to start looking at possibilities and doing some research on the Internet, I discovered this one is completely within my reach and highly possible.

And it's going to happen. I can't tell you how excited I am!

So, my coaching request to you is to take a few minutes to write down your passions - in all areas of your life.

Choose your top 5 passions to focus on for now.

Rate them. Is there one that barely shows up in your life? Perhaps feeling vibrant and healthy is one of your passions but it's a 1. What can you do today to get back into integrity with yourself and put some energy into this passion.

The faster you do, the faster the Universe will step in to support you. There is something very attractive about allowing yourself to feel your passions and take action on them - it's the Law of Attraction after all.

If you have no 1's what about the others? Are they all a 10? If not, what are you willing to do to remedy that?

Your passions are a major key to living your life on purpose. When you don't follow them, your life is not only not much fun, it also feels like a struggle because you're not in alignment with yourself.

Now, what are YOUR top 5 passions?

You might be surprised!

Please come share them on my blog.

©2008 Vicky White - All Rights Reserved
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Just one more things to share this morning...below is a eulogy (or an essay) from a favorite blog of mine (Google "37 days" and visit this blog and Patti Digh's other sister blogs...great stuff!).  I love the title of this essay and the Mary Oliver poem says it all...


I am, living my life on purpose...or trying to anyway!


Don't end up simply having visited this world.

 It was late when we got there, to Mary Alice's house. A visit that was years ago now, so the details don't remain with me in deep clarity, but the sense I had of that space is still so strong--from out of a dark night we entered into color. It was the first time I had ever been in a house that was fully, completely, totally someone's. It was somehow hard to tell where Mary Alice began and ended, the house was so much a part of her. I remember vivid color and art in unexpected places--not just on the walls, but on the furniture, floors, ceilings. It seemed absolutely magical to me, with nooks and crannies and lovely bits.

She was a painter, an artist, someone--it seemed to me--who lived life completely on her own terms. Years ago, when Emma was little, we would all meet up for wonderful afternoon garden parties in the village of Waterford, and Mary Alice would be there, her artist's eye working, later creating paintings that captured the sense of the day, in this case, the very soul of Emma playing in the corner as the adults made hand-cranked lavender ice cream and ate risotto and chocolate tortoni out of martini glasses. May Alice had an uncanny way of capturing something clarifying about the people she painted, as she did here. My sisters, Gay and Rosemary, gifted me years ago with this painting she made of Emma, so perfectly capturing Emma's way of being in the world, her look, that look I still recognize in her.

Mary Alice died today, less than a week after a brain aneurysm felled her. And so, a moment to wish her soul repose.
Gay saw Mary Alice recently at the farm, looking strong and reading Mary Oliver, this:

When Death Comes
When death comes
like the hungry bear in autumn;
when death comes and takes all the bright coins from his purse
to buy me, and snaps the purse shut;
when death comes
like the measles-pox;
when death comes
like an iceberg between the shoulder blades,
I want to step through the door full of curiosity, wondering:
what is it going to be like, that cottage of darkness?
And therefore I look upon everything
as a brotherhood and a sisterhood,
and I look upon time as no more than an idea,
and I consider eternity as another possibility,
and I think of each life as a flower, as common
as a field daisy, and as singular,
and each name a comfortable music in the mouth
tending as all music does, toward silence,
and each body a lion of courage, and something
precious to the earth.
When it's over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.
When it is over, I don't want to wonder
if I have made of my life something particular, and real.
I don't want to find myself sighing and frightened,
or full of argument.
I don't want to end up simply having visited this world.
-Mary Oliver
From New and Selected Poems

May we all be married to amazement. May we not end up simply having visited this world. May we wish a peaceful journey to Mary Alice who is entering another dream.


·         Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Day lilies: a reminder to live in the moment. 


Each blossom lasts just one, brief day. 


Walk outside each day and look around, breathe, focus.  Life is so short and we squander so many of our precious moments caught up in trivia, anger, competition, worry, regret, fear…  The “trick” is to turn away from these lies (and they are just illusions conjured up by limited mortal man) and acknowledge the beauty and joy, the abundance that is there all the time. 


As I type these few words, I hear the gentle cooing of a turtle dove.  I am so blessed.


And now it is time to go off to the office.  Thank goodness for the sweet start to the day.


·         Monday, 23 June 2008

With gasoline at over $4 a gallon, Mark says he should just quit his AmeriCorps “job” since the stipend barely pays for the gas to get there!  8-) 


A bit of a stretch, but gas process seem to be modifying the life styles of some people we know.  A couple people we know have found an excuse to get a scooter.  We “truck-pool” with one another these days.


Actually, Mark’s AmeriCorps position ends in just a few weeks.  He will be unemployed for a while as we navigate the next phase of our life’s adventure.  There may be a trip back to South Carolina to handle decisions on the house we pay a mortgage on there.  Our faithful house sitter has decisions to make too. 


My AmeriCorps*VISTA position ends in November.


What is ahead for us?  I do not know exactly, but I know that we will continue to find joy in life and to find ways to make a difference.  And that is all I really need to know.


·         Sunday, 22 June 2008

E-Mail and Computer Challenges Continue

The joys and frustrations of technology continue to challenge me.  I recently switched to a new/different e-mail program, because my old friend Eudora does not seem to like the VISTA program that lurks in the new laptop.  (Actually VISTA is not operational in the laptop, but seems to still dominate decisions made internally…sigh).  My address books seems to be held hostage in the old system.  Mark has spent many hours and networked with other geeks to find solutions, but so far, no victory, though there are small successes. 


Technology does keep one’s mind engaged.  You can’t really get complacent when computers are woven into your life.


·         Saturday 21 June 2008

NMCL Annual Meeting is OVER! 8-)

My accelerated work demands are winding down now; for a time anyway.  The NMCL annual meeting and associated activities are over.  I worked a couple 17 hour prep days this week and did lots of loading and unloading as we took our show on the road (Socorro).


I am grateful for my sweet spouse who kindly pitched in to help me with my work challenges.  He and Miss Zia also tagged along to the actual events.  Mark generously stepped in to rescue our Office Manager more than a couple times (audio-visual equipment, banners, boxes, etc). 


Paws for a Cause

Early today we participated in the Santa Fe Humane fundraiser.  We arrived at the park early and Miss Zia took one sniff of the lush, green grass and flipped over on her back to roll exuberantly in the grass.  It was a pleasure to see a creature enjoying anything as much as our pup seemed to be enjoying that roll in the grass. 


Hundreds of dogs and their owners converged on the park and at about 8AM we started our 5K dog-walk to the Plaza.


Despite having just three legs, Miss Zia held her own with the large pack, and trotted along quite happily.  At the halfway mark, panting and tired, she found a puddle and laid down in it to cool off. 


On the walk back, she got very excited when we walked past a tennis court.  Those bright yellow tennis balls flying across the net reminded her of her own tennis balls and ohhhhhh did she get excited.  She lunged toward the court, jerking my arm out parallel to the ground.  She let out a wistful yelp and had all the people smiling at her.


·         Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Last night I worked until 2AM and so did Mark!

We collated my annual meeting recruiting materials, hole-punched and installed combs non-stop.


Imagine if I was a paid employee!


·         Sunday, 15 June 2008 – Father’s Day

Grandkids, daughter and spouse are here.  A lovely whirlwind trip from Phoenix – a quick turn, because Cam is a junior counselor at Boy Scout Camp.  They arrived last night and must leave before noon today.  He has to be back by 5.  


We do nothing – we hang out.  It is good


They cram themselves into the Mustang and head off leaving behind only pleasant memories.


·         Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A colorful flotilla of rubber ducks floats on the koi pond.  A belated Easter gift – rubber ducks are just the thing to kick off summer.


Zia barks at them.  I smile.


·         Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The redheaded granddaughter is here for a week. 


Over the weekend we drove to Flagstaff to collect her from her Mom.  Brother Cam is at camp and Dad is off on a business trip.  We had a quick tour of the Boy Scout camp and had lunch before returning to Santa Fe.


Mark takes the week off.  He and Miranda play together – they visit the library and the Children’s Museum.  I head off to work.  I have a heavy work load…only one day off and I pay for it by working far past midnight.




·         Monday, 9 June 2008

I continue trying to stay in the now, but somehow it is such a challenge.  My calendar is (continues to be) scheduled up. 


How to change that? 


Or how to change me?


I crave unscheduled time to let life unfold and to just simply be.  Hammock time… 


More Stuff…

My laptop still has issues with e-mail.  Certain e-mails simply shut down the e-mail program.  I cannot delete the “offending” e-mail, so it is a very frustrating situation.  With over 300 e-mails to skim through, this slows me down significantly.


·         Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I really miss my morning hours.  When we were in Ukraine, I was usually able to spend time doing my morning pages.  Now I seldom (never) have that time.   Lifestyles change when one moves to a new community, takes on a new job and responsibilities…


The best part of the day is in the morning.  I would like to have more time to enjoy the start of my day.


In a few minutes it will be Thursday - the 5th of June is my daughter’s birthday.  She will celebrate by attending her graduation ceremony.  She earned her MA and I am very proud of her. 


·         Monday, 2 June 2008


"… Create Alignment - in all things. Your environment needs to represent where you're going, not where you've been. When you remove things you no longer use, love or feel inspired by - it leaves space for you to hear the whispers and follow your inklings. That's how you discover your dreams. What is most important to you? When you look at where you put your time every day, does that reflect what's most important? …What do you want more of? Are you surrounded by symbols of those things? What do you want less of? Have you removed symbols of those things?…" 

- Vicky White ( www.LifeDesignStrategies.com )

I read this as I sit at my desk at work.  I am having trouble with the transition back to the job today.  It is not that I do not value my work or the role I play here and the mission is significant. 

The issue seems to be the way I spent my Sunday. 

I spent my Sunday (my whole sunny Sunday!) on something that is not important to me.  I struggled to care or find real meaning. From 0900 until into the night, I worked on this project for a rather innocuous organization I am not sure I wish to continue supporting.  Resentment and anger surfaced – I tried to suffocate it and simply move forward with the task at hand.  But my thoughts danced with the idea of resigning my role.

If I cannot give freely and with joy, should I continue?


I value service before self, but I also know that (paraphrasing Stephen R. Covey) if my ladder is leaning against the wrong wall and I climb to the top, I have gained nothing.  The illusion of progress and meaning are not the same as the reality.


I did not spend my day doing what was important to me.  I do not want more of it. 


It may be time to move on…it is time to move on.


One of the things that I came away from in reading the CS lesson today is that I must listen for that still small voice.  I must put aside my opinions and the clutter in my mind and listen. 


I must quiet my internal dialog and listen for the angel voice to guide me.  (I can't hear that whisper because of my own mental verbal battles!)


A second thought from the lesson is that I can communicate in a supportive way in all my communications.  I can banish the clutter (the "lies" of bitterness, anger, pressure, etc) from my thoughts and my life and simply listen for that still, small voice.  I can breathe in the beauty and joy of the divine.  


Sorting it all out…









FYI: If you want to read about our

Peace Corps Ukraine adventures,

start with January 2005 - May 2007.

Happy Reading!


Now we are having AmeriCorps*VISTA adventures

here in beautiful Santa Fe, NM.

Life is good!