&   We both love to read (see our wish list!) so it would be great to receive an occasional bundle of books or magazines from the USA!   

&   “M-Bags” (US Postal Service Media-Bags) are the way to go if you are sending books, music or print media materials to any overseas location. 


&   You can ship books and periodicals overseas for about $1 per pound.   Regular mail is considerably more expensive though it is faster.  M-Mail takes about 4-6 months.


&   The post office will give you a giant white bag with an "M" Bag tag and a mailing slip. You must box all books and place the box(es) in the bag.  I recommend tying books into bundles of 6 or 8 books (this helps if the boxes are opened by customs and then dumped into a bag).


&   Make sure to line through any advertising or writing on the boxes.


&   Indicate "To:" and "From:" on the address label.  (Ask us for a copy of our Ukrainian Address in Cyrillic letter and Ukrainian format!)


&   You can send as many boxes as you wish, but the most economical method is to send a minimum of 10lbs. It will cost you $11 to send any amount between 1-10 lbs so you might as well send 10 lbs. From 10-70 lbs., it costs $1 for each additional pound. 


&   Visit the local post office (or the USPS website to get the official scoop on media mail.         http://www.usps.com/global/mbags.htm!

&   We will be grateful for any books you send and will certainly share our bounty with other PCVs!  8-)