Just like every one else in a Peace Corps family I need to post a disclaimer that every thing on these pages reflects my opinion.  In no way does the information contained on these web pages reflect the opinions or policies of the Peace Corps, PC Ukraine, the United States Government or the family I have taken service with.


Now that formalities are through, allow me to introduce myself.  I am Ed the Duck.  My human family has decided to allow me the opportunity to put my story out on the World Wide Web and with their help and the help of others I will chronicle some of my adventures.


Since English is not my native language, I dictate somewhat slowly and sometimes my helpers have trouble translating.  This makes my updates here rather uncertain and infrequent.  Please check out the underlined topics on the left side of the page.  The titles that are not underlined are tales I am working on with different interpreters.  They will be available as soon as they are finished typing them up.