& What Can I Do?


We are so glad you asked!


There are two ways you can help:


  1. Collect and ship suitable books. Just send 10-15 pounds (or more!) when you feel like it its easy! You can send a bag several times each year.
  2. Share this mission with others. Encourage friends and family to collect and ship books. Share this site!

It's THAT easy!


What Kind of Books Should I Send?

 Almost any book will be appreciated! Find excellent used books at yard sales and thrift shops or used books stores; purge your own library shelves; and ask at your local school, church and library. Suitable textbooks, primary through college level are welcome.

Reference books such as dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, thesauruses, are especially useful. Students also benefit from good fiction. .


Sustaining this library is a grassroots project.

We can do this one book at a time, but if we work as a team, we can really make a difference.


Won't YOU help?


We hope that caring people like you can see what needs to be done and will offer what they can to keep this library functional.


This is NOT a corporate venture or even a nonprofit activity.

It is simply a gift from the heart.

YOUR heart!

Contributing to Africa's Literacy & Education with Books:

The CALEB Library Project

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