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An e-mail from a group in Germany who have sent several generous shipments of new books creatively financed though volksmarches and Gluwein sales!


From: "Tanja Schulze

Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 9:49 PM

Subject: Books to Malawi - a new story


Dear Virginia


…I wanted today tell you a story that I was told about our books in Malawi. I know from Carrie that Mawingo seems to have written a letter saying another load of books arrived. But maybe he didn´t tell you the story around it.


A friend of XXX that had also applied for the foundation …was interested throughout t…and kept in touch. Two months ago he went to Africa,…he spontaneously decided to go to Malawi and from there asked XXX what the contact in Malawi is for the Caleb Library. We were able to send it to him quickly where he downloaded the address for a

load of money from the internet, I suppose in Lililongwe and then made his way up to look for Mawingo. He went to a small town in Rumphi district and asked around, and then was told where Mawingo lived. Two youngsters accompanied him trekking to Mawingo´s village where they were very welcome.


Christoph, that´s his name; was very excited, they seemed to chat a lot and then it had gotten too late to return, so he stayed over. And on the next day the most incredible thing happened: The second load of books that we had sent had not arrived yet - but did so on the day Christoph was there still.


And looks like all were smiles :-).


…when hearing the story we were all very happy that one person we know got to go there, meet Mawingo, see the country.


I am hoping that Christoph will be able to show us some pictures some day.


Our project is still going on and we´re now looking into making it a bit bigger or more impacting by possibly donating books to the Teachers´ College.  We´re in touch with some governmental aid agencies from Germany that operate in Malawi and they are suggesting to also send books that help teachers become good teachers as their few books seems to be 20 years outdated. Nevertheless, we don´t want to forget the Caleb library since that´s how it all started. We´ve just collected quite an amount of money by now so that we´re hoping to spread it for more worthy causes.


Hope you liked the story and if I hear more I´ll let you know.


Have a good day.





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